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JV Custom Decks: Professional Deck Removal Services

Most homeowners don’t decide to remove or demolish their deck on a whim. This decision often follows a period of careful consideration, such as when the boards begin to fray or the joists start to rot.

Your outdoor deck is constantly exposed to various elements, including sun, wind, heat, cold, and precipitation. Over time, the tips of the deck boards can become soft, warped, frayed, and splintered.

However, there are several reasons beyond rot and age that make professional deck removal necessary:

Common Reasons for Deck Removal

  • Add new features to enhance safety and accessibility, such as ramps and gates.

  • Improve the deck's overall appearance with modern materials and fresh lumber.

  • Replace the old deck with a new structure like a shed, pool, or landscaping.

Whatever your reason for saying goodbye to your old deck, it’s crucial to be fully prepared to ensure the deck removal project goes smoothly and efficiently.

Hire Our Qualified Experts for Deck Removal

Planning is essential for the success of a deck removal job. This includes working with the best contractor and using the right equipment and tools for the job.

Deck removal can be tough and complicated, so our team at JV Custom Decks recommends leaving this job to the experts. We have the necessary equipment, experience, and knowledge. Meticulous and accurate planning is important to avoid risky scenarios and ensure the job doesn’t damage your landscaping or other parts of your home.

Get the Necessary Permits

Most local municipalities don’t have regulations regarding deck removal. However, if the deck to be demolished is part of a historically significant property, you might need a removal permit. We recommend discussing this with our team so we can check everything before proceeding with the project.

How Much Does Deck Removal Cost?

Several factors can affect the cost of a deck removal project, including:

  • The complexity and size of your deck.

  • Your area of residence.

  • The accessibility of your deck.

  • The amount of materials that can still be salvaged.

Prepare Your Post-Removal Plans

Regardless of what you plan to put in place of your old deck, have a post-removal plan before hiring our deck removal team. If you plan to build a new deck in the same spot or any other structure, you can save money by hiring us to handle both jobs. Whether you plan to install a new deck or even a new pool, we recommend discussing your future plans with us early in the process to ensure all bases are covered. This way, you can save more money in the long run.

Ready for a New Deck
Ready for a New Deck?

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JV Custom Decks was amazing to work with. They were very responsive and timely with their estimate and got our deck installed quickly. They use quality products and make sure you know exactly what you're spending your money on. They sent us our Trex warranty immediately after installation, and we have been so happy with our deck!

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