What Are Trex Decks?

Decking Material Matters

One of life’s simple joys is spending time outside, and whether it’s to appreciate a cup of coffee in the morning or host an evening get-together, decks are a great addition to any home. However, not all decks offer similar benefits, and the materials that make up your deck determine its maintenance requirements and longevity. Trex decks in Salt Lake prove to be a popular alternative to traditional wood planks and one worth contacting a proven SLC custom deck builder about.

What Are Trex Decks?

Trex decks are made with decking boards that don’t rot or warp and last upwards of three decades. Made from 95% recycled material, these boards come in many colors and are composed of wood and plastic. A traditional wood plank can warp, bend and crack with a lifespan of only a few years, and due to wood shrinking and expanding because of moisture, you must protect the surface of your deck with stain and sealant. This stain and seal process is costly and involves a lot of arduous labor, but with Trex composite decking, you can continue to enjoy your outdoor space with little to no maintenance for several years to come. There’s no need to stain or seal Trex every few seasons like you would regular lumber. Choose the color and design of Trex that best fits your outdoor space and experience the difference.

Good Looks and Built to Last

Trex composite decking material has revolutionized deck building and provides several advantages to traditional lumber. From its incredible durability and long-lasting performance to its nearly maintenance-free construction, Trex delivers peace of mind. If you’re looking to build your deck with Trex, JV Custom Decks is among the top contractors in the Salt Lake City area. With over two decades of experience, JV Custom Decks is the popular go-to for SLC custom deck builders. Before you decide to re-plank your deck yet again and replace those failing lumber planks with fresh ones, contact JV Custom Decks for Trex decks in Salt Lake.

For more information about Trex decks in Salt Lake, visit www.jvcustomdecks.com.