What Are The Benefits Of Trex Decks?

The Benefits of Trex Decks

Trex decks have been a popular addition to the patios of many Salt Lake City residents, and JV Custom Decks is an experienced Trex deck contractor in SLC, ensuring each client receives exceptional service and results. There are several reasons why Salt Lake City Trex decks are a good investment for a house.

Zero Maintenance

Soap and water are adequate to clean Trex decks, and they do not need specific materials for maintenance, making them inexpensive for Salt Lake City Trex decks lovers. Trex decks are durable and won’t need to be painted or stained and they don’t require any regular upkeep.


Most decking alternatives are prone to splitting, but Trex decks are a popular choice because they are splinter-free.


Trex decks are resistant to stains and fading; hence they endure a long time. They do not decay, warp or get damaged easily, assuring they serve the house owners for a long time, making them worth the investment.

Environmentally Friendly

The material used to produce Trex Decks is constructed of 95% recyclable wood and plastic, so using Trex decks for patio furniture is another green option.

Color and Pattern Variety

There are numerous colors and patterns of Trex decks at JV Custom Decks. This Trex deck contractor in SLC provides customers with various alternatives so they may have the deck of their dreams. People think in many different ways; therefore, they must have choices for making their ideas a reality.

Why Locals in Salt Lake City Should Hire JV Custom Decks

The first reason to contact JV Custom Decks is that they have specialists that have years of expertise working with Trex decking. JV Custom Decks additionally gives the residents of SLC affordable costs, free estimates and a customer satisfaction guarantee, indicating they are trustworthy. For more information about this Trex deck contractor in SLC, visit www.jvcustomdecks.com