Trex Deck Contractor in Salt Lake

Experienced Trex Deck Contractor in Salt Lake

JV Custom Decks has over 20 years of experience in installing quality custom decks, and they strive to provide the highest quality of work for customers in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are the largest Trex deck contractor in SLC, and JV Custom Decks installs decks, railings, and other outdoor features to increase your property’s beauty and appeal. The custom Trex decks are made from 95% recycled materials that prevent cracking, leaking, molding, and is also termite resistant. If you need a Trex deck contractor in SLC, call upon the professionals at JV Custom Decks.

Other Benefits Of Customized Trex Decks

Not only are Salt Lake City Trex decks beautiful and reliable, but they can also add value to your home. Other benefits homeowners will enjoy:

  • No maintenance needed
  • Easy hose off
  • Mold and mildew resistance
  • Eco-friendly
  • 25 year warranty
  • 2 year labor warranty
  • Several colors and patterns to choose from

Customers all over Salt Lake City rave over the quality of these Salt Lake City Trex decks, and homeowners also love these decks for not only their beauty, but because they are virtually maintenance free. Just a little spray down with a hose is all that’s needed to keep these stunning decks clean.

Contact JV Custom Decks

JV Custom Deck’s team of professionals will customize your deck to specifications. They have a wide range of deck ideas and additional features for you to choose from. They have an entire portfolio of Salt Lake City Trex decks that customers can view to help them decide on a project. If you are interested in building a new deck for your home or repairing the one you have, call on them today. For more information about this professional Trex deck contractor in SLC, visit