The Advantages of Trex Decks in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City Trex decks are a recycled mix of plastic and wood fibers, and this combination works well to form a solid, strong material that is more steady and durable than 100% plastic or wood decking.

Residents in Salt Lake City are encouraged to install Trex decks by hiring professional Trex deck installers in SLC. Some focal advantages of installing Trex decks include:

  • zero maintenance
  • easy to clean
  • no fragments or splinters
  • resistant to mildew and mold
  • environmentally friendly
  • wide assortment of colors and styles
  • long-lasting

If you are interested in these advantages, contact JV Custom Decks, the expert Trex deck installers in SLC and surrounding areas. Along with the natural benefits of Trex decking, JV Custom Decks also offers a 25 year warranty on materials and a 2 year craftmanship warranty on labor.

Homeowners interested in upgrading their outdoor decks and living spaces incline towards JV Custom Decks over their competitors. Sandra, for example, expressed that JV Custom Decks  “remodeled our front porch.” Sandra was pleased that the bid was essentially lower than that of other businesses, and the beautiful remodel was completed ahead of plan. Another client, Jared, said, “I hired Jake and his crew to demolish an old deck and rebuild a new composite deck.” With this project and all projects, JV Custom Decks did excellent work. This professional team is efficient and keeps in contact with clients throughout the duration of projects. In addition, another client Emily said, “Jake and his crew did a fantastic job. I am very, very pleased and will recommend him to everyone.” Emily’s project involved a small deck that required rebuilding and the team at JV Custom Decks took the time needed to truly examine her deck for what was needed.

JV Custom Decks has been installing custom Trex decks for years and they have earned the reputation as one of the top Trex deck installers in Salt Lake City. The benefits of installing Trex decks will speak for themselves in the years following your installation. For more information about Salt Lake City Trex decks, visit