How To Care For Trex Decks

When considering installing Trex decks in Salt Lake City, one of the main benefits is they are easy to clean and require zero maintenance. Families love the simplicity of cleaning their Trex decks and being able to enjoy an outdoor deck that looks new for many years. Trex decks only require a basic cleaning with hot water, soap, and a soft brush. Frequent deck cleaning will help maintain the beauty of your Trex outdoor space for many years to come.

Caring for Trex Decks

Follow these two simple steps to clean your deck:

Use a hose to spray the deck to eradicate surface debris and dirt.

Use a soft-bristle brush to clean the deck with warm, soapy water. Trex does not have a preferred soap brand; dish soap will do. The brush is to ensure that dirt stuck in the embossed pattern comes out.

SLC Trex Decking Installation

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