Design a New Custom Deck in Salt Lake City

Enhancing Your Home With a Custom Deck or Outside Living Space

For people who own a home, one of the most exciting parts can be creating a living space that is custom designed for personal needs and enjoyment. One of the best ways to improve outside space is adding Salt Lake City decks onto the exterior with JV Custom Decks.

Expanding Outside Living Space

One of the most recent home improvements in Salt Lake City decks is house extensions that are part of outdoor living spaces. Decks have long played a major role in homeowners being able to enjoy more time outside. Now with newer JV Custom Decks specialty designs, people can create and add to their outside enjoyment with enhanced outdoor living areas. Unlike traditional decking, exterior living space is crafted and custom-designed for extended seasonal usage.

Outside living space has been a significant home improvement trend in the United States for the last decade. Outdoor living areas offer homeowners multiple options for protection from the elements so homeowners can have more time outdoors in the off-seasons.

Outside Living Space Deck Designs

There are a wide variety of custom decks in SLC designs that homeowners can choose from. While traditional decks are still prevalent, deck designs that lead into or are a part of customized outside living space areas are hugely popular.

Outside living space is considered an upgrade to traditional decking and offers homeowners a boost to their home value. They are considered a livable outdoor area with a base design that starts with a covered deck or patio and they must also feature electricity and built-in lighting to be considered a real outside living area.

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Many of the most popular decks for these additions are also equipped with a wide variety of other improvements that enhance a homeowner’s ability to spend time outdoors from spring to fall without concerns over the elements. Other popular additional features for custom decks in SLC may include fieldstone fireplaces, ceiling fans, built-in grilles and kitchen areas, and more. While some are stand-alone decks, others are part of a decking or patio area extending into the yard. Creating specialty decking is exciting and fun with JV Custom Decks’ professional help.

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